About the Company - Summary

helps Swedish and Polish companies to set up and develop their business in new markets in Poland and Sweden.

Artisma works for the development and promotion of small and medium companies. Our mission is to accelerate development of companies that have the potential and ambition to achieve strong position in both the global and domestic markets.

We work in partnership with companies to help them start, grow, develop and win export sales in new markets. In this way we support sustainable economic growth, regional development and safeguarding employment.

Artisma provides all the services needed to establish a company in a new market:

  • Market research & analysis
  • Partner search
  • Marketing, PR-events
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Assistance with site establishment
  • Interim management, leadership for a newly established business
  • Implementation of business strategies
  • CRM
  • Sourcing, outsourcing
  • NPI
  • Project management
  • Practical adaptation to the QMS ISO9001/14001

As a Swedish Enterprise Partner, we can act as "an extended arm" for companies that want to enter the Swedish or Polish markets without acquiring its own sales offices. We are an alternative for those who do not want to establish an organization and we offer our role as a kind of outsourced sales office which will be customer´s address in Sweden or Poland.  

We support our customers in the following business segments:

  • manufacturing industry
  • electronics & mecanics, IT
  • energy & envoironmental solutions
  • construction sector
  • retails
  • CarLife/automotive
  • fashion

With an international network that provides access to business opportunities, we support the integration between Swedish and Polish firms and help mutual buyers to contact and maintain profitable partnership with companies in Sweden and Poland. We are our customers´ local expertise and partner. Artisma is a co-founder and a member of  The Swedish Export Consultant Association.


 We will guide you through a world of opportunities!

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